WordPress Shift Scheduling Plugin

Everyone's Schedule Shortcode

ShiftController can display a publicly available calendar of your shifts.

This option can be useful when you would like to let your customers know who is on which shift. It will also help your employees find out when their colleagues are working.

What you need is simply inserting this shortcode into any of your WordPress post or page:


By default, this view will display the current week shifts calendar for everyone. If you need, you can adjust it by supplying additional parameters to control the display:


Month calendar for September for calendar #12:

[shiftcontroller4 start="20180901" type="month" calendar="12"]

Week calendar for the current week:

[shiftcontroller4 type="week"]

List shifts in the next 3 days:

[shiftcontroller4 type="list" end="+3 days"]

Do not show the calendar filter and the download button:

[shiftcontroller4 hideui="filter-calendar,download"]

Show the current user schedule.

[shiftcontroller4 route="myschedule"]

Display shifts at the current moment.

[shiftcontroller4 type="list" time="now"]

Display shifts with pickup request.

[shiftcontroller4 pickup="1"]