WordPress Shift Scheduling Plugin

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Shift Reminders

Since version 4.9.0

ShiftController can send daily, weekly, and monthly email reminders for shifts for your employees.


For shifts reminders to work, you'll need to set up a cron job. Cron job is a process that runs periodically at your web server. To set up a cron jon, you'll need to log in to your web hosting control panel and go to Cron Jobs.

Then in your WordPress admin area go to ShiftController > Administration > Reminders. It will display which command you should add to a cron job on your site that should be running every day once a day.

Here is an example of such a command, the site address will be yours.

wget -O /dev/null '' 

After you configure the cron job on your site, in ShiftController admin check the Yes, I've set up the cron job checkbox and click Continue.

Configure shift reminders

The configuration form will change and three more options will become available:

Edit Reminder Templates

Actually every daily or weekly shift reminders email text is just a list of each shift detail. Each shift detail view depends on the calendar and is reused from Email: Shift Published (Employee) template that is defined in Administration > Calendars > Notifications area.

You can change the email subject line of these daily and weekly templates though, for this please go to Administration > Reminders > Edit Templates.

Review Reminders

In Administration > Reminders > Review Reminders you can view which reminder emails are sent or are about to be sent for a particular date.

So if needed you can manually fire these reminders.

Review reminders

if the reminders were already sent, you can Clear Logs and manually resend the reminders.