Schedule Limits Pro

Since version 4.7.9.

With the Pro version you can apply limits for the number or total duration of shifts during a day, a week, or a month. If an overflow happens, a conflict will be raised.


Schedule limits can be created by administrators. Log in as the admin, then go to ShiftController > Administration > Schedule Limits.

By default there are no schedule limits configured, so click Add New.

Add a new schedule limit

For your new schedule limit you can specify the following attributes:

  • Range

    The period of time when the limit will be calculated. Current options include Day, Week, Month.

  • Calendar

    The calendar where this limit will be active. You can choose a specific calendar, or select a group of calendars such as - All - (all calendars), - Shifts - (all calendars for shifts), - Time Off - (all calendars for time off).

  • Limit Total Number

    The number of shifts that are allowed within the limit range.

  • Limit Total Duration

    The total duration of shifts that are allowed within the limit range.

    Either total number or total duration limit settings are required.

  • Apply Limit

    Set if the limit will be calculated per employee or for all employees at once.

So you can configure schedule limits according to your business requirements. For example, in the following picture we have configured the following limits:

  • Max 1 time off per employee per month.
  • Max 1 shift per employee per day.
  • Max 40 hours of shifts per employee per week.

Schedule limits

Schedule Limits Conflicts

If existing or new shifts overflow any of the limit settings, the system will raise conflicts for such shifts.

As with other conflicts such as shifts overlap, managers and administrators will be able to create shifts with conflicts, although an alert will be given to them prior to confirming such a shift. Regular employees aren't allowed to create such shifts for themselves.

A shift with a schedule limit conflict

Clicking of the View Conflicts link will show the details of the problem.

Detailed view of a schedule limit conflict

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