Version 4.3.3

Tue, 1 Jan 2019

  • Minor code fixes to remove warnings in PHP 7 in iCal exports.
  • Added from/to date parameters for shifts feed output.
  • BUG: Managers were not able to view or edit custom fields (only admins could).
  • BUG: Employees could pickup past shifts.
  • BUG: Shift titles on mouseover were without spaces.
  • BUG: When in a front end page configured for "My Schedule", after any action on shifts it returned back to "Everyone Schedule".
  • BUG: In WP 5.0 time selector was not working in a front end page.
  • BUG: There was an error when saving a post with ShiftController shortcode in Gutenberg or some other page builders like Elementor.

How To Update

Automatic Update

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Manual Update

Download the latest version package file, unzip it on your computer, and upload everything to your site again. That's all!