Calendars, Employees, Managers

ShiftController makes use of Calendars to organize almost any configuration for employees, managers, permissions and more. Calendars may represent locations, positions, departments, or skills. For example: Barista, Door Security, Time Off.

Calendars and Employees

You can link certain employees to be able to take shifts in certain calendars only. For example, Alice and Bob can work in Barista calendar, and Eve can work in Door Security. There are two ways to configure employees to calendars connections.

  • Administration > Calendars > Barista (for example) > Employees

    Here you can choose all employees that can be assigned to shifts in this calendar.

  • Administration > Employees

    You'll see the Calendars column for every employee that displays the list of calendars the employee is assigned to. Click Edit to adjust this employee's connections to calendars.

Calendars and Employees Permissions

For every calendar you can fine tune the level of access that employees get in this calendar. You can allow or disallow them to view/create/edit/delete own shifts, view others shifts, create pickup requests or pick up others shifts, and more. To edit a calendar's permission level, go to

Administration > Calendars > Barista (for example) > Permissions

Calendars and Managers

By default, system administrators can manage shifts for all employees in every calendar. Additionally, you can make other users to become Managers in certain calendars. A calendar Manager has full access to shifts of all employees within this calendar only, but has no access to other calendars.

For example, if you assign johndoe user as a manager of Barista calendar, this user will able be create, edit and delete shifts of all employees in this Barista calendar, wont't be able to manage shifts in other calendars, and won't have access to system settings.

To assign calendar managers, go to

Administration > Calendars > Barista (for example) > Managers

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