WordPress Shift Scheduling Plugin

View rota schedule grouped by employee

One of the most efficient ways to manage your team schedule is to view your rota assignments and hours by employee. You can quickly see when and who is working, how many assignments and working hours they have. It's also helpful to decide on possible shift swaps.

ShiftController provides a variety of schedule views which you can group by employee.

Go to ShiftController > Schedule. In the Group By option choose Employee.

Group schedule view by employee

A rota schedule may be designed on a daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.

Weekly view

Weekly schedule view by employee

This is the default view that combines both detailed information of shifts and high level overview of the schedule. Also, we can see the working hours duration and the number of shifts per each employee in their respective row label.

If you prefer monthly schedule, switch to View > Month.

Switch to monthly schedule view

Monthly view

Monthly rota schedule by employee

This monthly display provides a quick overview of the monthly rota schedule. We can see the team assignments for the whole month at a glance. It is easier to plan ahead and keep important shifts in mind even if there are a couple of weeks ahead. Although, in this view mode we have much less space to display each individual shift information. We just see that there's a shift for an employee on a certain date. We can view some more detail about a shift when we mouse over one. As usual, a click on the shift opens up the full detail screen about this particular shift.

Daily view

For a much more detailed view we can switch to Day view. We can either choose View > Day or click the day label link in the column header.

Select a date for daily schedule view

The daily view visually reflects the start and end times of shifts. You can see if various shifts could probably overlap with one another. Also, there's a lot of space to display additional information right in the schedule view, without clicking each individual shifts to open up a detailed screen.

Daily rota schedule view grouped by employee

List view

Finally there's the View > List mode that displays the list of shifts for any custom date range.

List rota schedule by employee for any date range

About ShiftController

ShiftController is staff scheduling and rostering, rota planning plugin for WordPress for any business that needs to manage and schedule employees. All you need is a website with WordPress to start keeping your staff scheduling under control anywhere at anytime online!