WordPress Shift Scheduling Plugin

Upgrading To Version 4 (From Version 3)

Version 4 of ShiftController adds a number of major advantages like an ability to associate certain employees with certain calendars (locations) only, edit email notifications per calendar and more. Meanwhile this new version may be different in some areas, not be like the users of the old version 3 are used to.

If you are currently running version 3 Pro, please note that starting from v4, the Pro version is an add-on for the free plugin, rather than a complete separate application. So now you run together free ShiftController plugin and ShiftController Pro add-on plugin.

You can test out the new version running on your site together with the old version without breaking things of the current install. Go to Plugins, Add New, search for ShiftController. Once you install and activate it, it should be able to recognize the old version and import data from it.

So you can try working with the new version with your current database. Please note though that v3 and v4 databases are independent so if you change anything in v3, it will not affect v4, and vice versa.

The shortcode for the front end use is different: