WordPress Shift Scheduling Plugin

Case Study
Minibus driver scheduling

We have several minibus vehicles that can be scheduled for tours or other events. There are several drivers who can be assigned to minibus shifts. Some of the drivers may be interested in picking up open shifts when they are available. A tour or an event may have additional details.

Administration setup

An administrator of the scheduling system need to do some configuration to make things work.

Configure calendars for minibuses

We will create a calendar per each minibus.

Add employee records for drivers

Now we will add drivers as employees in our scheduling system. For example, there are 7 drivers who can be scheduled for our minibus tours: Alice, Bob, Clara, David, Eve, Frank, and George.

Scheduling drivers for minibus tours

Now as we have configured the settings of our minubus shift scheduling system, we are ready to schedule some drivers for our minibus tours.

Adding tour details with custom fields

If we need to provide some more details about each tour shift, we can make use of the custom fields module. Let's add a simple text field to provide event details in a free text form.

Let drivers pick up open shifts for minubus tours

We can create an open shift for a minibus tour and let interested drivers pick it up for them.

About ShiftController

ShiftController is staff scheduling and rostering, rota planning plugin for WordPress for any business that needs to manage and schedule employees. All you need is a website with WordPress to start keeping your staff scheduling under control anywhere at anytime online!